Sensible heat exchanger made with polymer materials(PS) transfers only heat and is suitable for 
commercial and industrial air conditioning. Two gases flow in the opposite direction each other without being mixed.


  • Cellular type heat exchanger
  • Liner : PS(Polystyrene, Thickness 330㎛)
  • Spacer : PS(Polystyrene, Thickness 330㎛)
Principle of Counter flow


  • Available for commercial building and industrial fields
    2,000CMH ~ 5,000CMH
  • Excellent sensible heat exchange efficiency
    High sensible heat exchange efficiency because it has twice bigger heat transfer area than existing exchangers by using cellular method
  • Optimized design to prevent clogged air flow channel by minimizing condensed water
    We can minimize the chance of clogged of air flow channel, because we use hydrophobic material and prevent condensation by using an acute angle
  • Possible design with various flow rate and various target efficiencies
    Possible design for various flow rates using multiple arrangement of heat exchangers
  • Easy Maintenance
    Wash with water when it is contaminated
  • Flexible in Size
    The stacking height can be requested by customers in accordance with their needs