Total heat exchanger which has air flow channel is formed with injection molding enables two gases
to flow in the opposite direction with each other while transferring heat and vapor.


  • A counter flow type total heat exchanger or sensible heat exchanger
    that can be used with various liner from selection
  • Liner : ER Paper, Non-Woven Fabric
  • Spacer : Injection Molding ABS(Nominal plate distance:2.5mm)
Principle of Counter flow


  • Selection of liner suitable for various applications
    We can choose the raw material of heat exchanger’s liner(ER Paper, Non-Woven Fabric) in accordance with heat loads
  • Optimum for small capacity equipment
    Optimized for small equipment below 200mm in height
  • Optimum for small flow rates
    Optimized for small equipment below 150CMH flow rates
  • Low static pressure loss
    Various designs are available due to nominal plate distance lower than 2.5mm that allows low static pressure loss
  • Flexibility in Size
    Possible to adapt various flow rates(50CMH to 150CMH) due to flexible number of layers