Total heat exchanger is made with ER(Energy Recovery) paper
transfers heat and vapor without mixing two gases while they cross each other.


  • Total heat exchanger made by ER(Energy Recovery) paper
  • Liner : ER paper(Thickness 50㎛)
  • Spacer : Functional paper(Thickness 65㎛)
What is Membrane and Spacer?


  • Energy Recovery Paper developed in Korea
    ER paper developed with pure localized domestic technology is the best material for total heat recovery
  • World’s best performance Total Heat Exchanger
    World’s best performance heat exchanger through localization of Energy Recovery Paper
  • Supporting customers with accurate performance prediction and design
    Supporting customers through vast amounts of experimental data and a self-developed accurate performance prediction program
  • Certification
    RoHS: Hazardous, UL94:Flammability, KS F 2819:Ignitability, ASTM G-21: Anti-fungal
  • Flexible in Size
    Possible to manufacture heat exchangers of any size with the desired specifications required by customers
  • Various grades in accordance with total heat performance
    Comes in various grades from the best performance to reasonable price(LS, LH, LHN)