Non-Woven Fabric(Energy Recovery Fabric : Liner & Spacer)

Non-woven fabric is the main materials of washable total heat exchanger(PCE-PEX).
Liner is used to form a boundary between the two airflows and as a medium to transfer heat and moisture.
Also, spacer is used to support forming an air flow path and is a medium
that plays a role of absorbing the moisture from the passing air and delivering absorbed moisture to ER paper(Liner).


Non-Woven Fabric

  • Washable Non-Woven Fabric developed in Korea
  • Non-Woven Fabric that performs the world’s best
    due to very superior in transfer capability per unit area
  • Non-Woven Fabric has more excellent air permeability and water permeability
    compared to energy recovery paper(ER paper)
  • Waterproof tensile strength is excellent and
    it enhances durability of heat exchange element
  • With excellent durability, it is very stable against exposure
    to freezing conditions and condensation
Non-Woven Fiber


  • Excellent water absorption and transfer ability
  • Excellent water resistance strength and dimensional stability
  • Restoration stability against condensation and freezing conditions
  • Washable using neutral detergent
  • Life span is semi-permanent
  • Flame retardant added easily
  • Due to retention of antibacterial property, it has excellent sanitary safety
  • Excellent total heat exchange efficiency
  • Excellent gas barrier property
  • Due to excellent drying and wet strength, excellent durability
  • New material in the form of non-woven fabric
  • Excellent dehumidification effect in high temperature and humidity environments

Material report (basic property sheet)

Report download (basic property)