Functional Spacer

Functional spacer is a key material that constitutes the total heat exchanger(PCE-EX),
and serves as a support for forming an air flow path. Also, it is a medium that plays a role of
absorbing the moisture from the passing air and delivering absorbed moisture to ER paper(Liner).

Original Material

Functional Spacer

  • High functional spacer developed in Korea
  • Due to thin and excellent vapor concentration per unit area ability,
    adding high mass transfer performance to ER paper’s total heat transfer ability
  • Waterproof tensile strength is very excellent,
    so enhances durability of heat exchanger
  • With excellent durability, very stable against freezing and condensation exposure
Functional Spacer


  • Excellent in mouldability due to little difference in strength in the horizontal and vertical directions
    → High mechanical tensile strength and tearing strength
  • Due to high water resistance strength, there is no deformation even under humid condition
  • Due to antibacterial property, it keeps excellent sanitary safety

Material report (basic property sheet)

Report download (basic property, flame retardant)