CEO Greeting

We will grow into a global and professional company specialized in heat exchangers 
that provides a differentiated technology to each customer.

Gaontech Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011 as a specialized company manufactures air to air heat exchangers.
At the time of establishment, we focused on the mass production of cross-flow type total heat exchangers
using paper materials and ER Paper-Liner, and began to introduce our own mass production technologies to Japan and China etc.
Currently, we continue to research and develop energy recovery paper (ER paper), new energy recovery non-woven fabric,
and sensible heat exchanger with cellular shape that has high density heat transmission area.

In particular, continuous research and development on the indirect cooling system and the high temperature heat source recovery
leads to the development of a corresponding heat exchanger and we are pioneering a number of business areas.

Gaontech Co., Ltd. based on total heat exchangers and sensible heat exchangers, has been researching and developing
dehumidification element and rotor. In the future, using special gas removal and selective permeability,
we are eager to grow into a company specialized in researching and developing components of various Air-conditioning and Refrigeration fields.

Every single manager and employee at Gaontech Co., Ltd. values the relationship between the company and customers,
and we will endeavor to realize the value of customers through continuous research and development.

Gaontech Co., Ltd CEO Song Gil-sub, 2016